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There is a good chance you love meat, and that means you have come to the right place. Having access to high-quality meat and at a great price is essential. We understand our customers want quality and know that we are serious about the well-being of the animals from which our produce comes. We deliver premium quality meat throughout Melbourne, maintaining traditional original values in our approach. It can be challenging and daunting to match all these criteria while still ensuring our product remains affordable. Best Health Meat Co. – Best Online Butcher Melbourne has to offer making the shopping experience easy.

Online Butchers Melbourne

Butchers tend to be traditional and have been slow to provide their meat online. The great news is we can offer the best service and quality at excellent prices. Online butchers like Best Health Meats offer better quality meat than a standard local butcher with much greater convenience, delivering fresh meat to your door – we guaranteed it is fresh, great-tasting and available throughout Melbourne. If you have not purchased meat online, you want to consider it, and I encourage you to look at our products.

Below are some benefits to ordering your meat online with us:


Using our online butcher service means there is no need to visit your local supermarket or specialty butcher. Say goodbye to parking and traffic and get your favourite cuts from us. We deliver delicious, fresh meats transported straight to your address without the hassle of leaving your home. You will save time not having to queue in the store, but you will get better quality meat. This has really taken off over the past year, as it is a much safer option to shopping during the lockdown or simply just staying off the roads.


Let’s take about money. Online butchers can reduce costs because they don’t have to support as many staff and have fewer overheads than supermarkets. This means we can provide high-quality meat at great prices along with a simple and easy shopping experience.

Purchasing meat online allows comparing prices to be much easier. Instead of travelling from one store to another to seek the lowest prices, you can easily find the best prices via your smartphone or computer.

Wide Variety Of Options

Our online butcher service is not only affordable. We provide more variety or produce when compared to a brick and mortar store. When you purchase your meat online, you will notice an increased range of options and premium cuts, and this is all possible with a few simple clicks. We have a wide variety of meat and produce to select from, and it is so easy to find what you are looking for.

Reliable Bulk Orders

Should there be a need to organise a party or BBQ for your friends, the local supermarket or butcher may not have sufficient supplies to satisfy your requirements and be short on items or products you may want. This is where our online butcher’s service is super beneficial, as we can provide the deeper supply of produce needed should you make a last-minute bulk order.

Online butchers are better equipped to make advanced orders, and you will have the confidence your product will be available and soon be at your door when required. How many times have you commuted to your local supermarket or butchers only to see the sold-out sign on top of your favourite item – we can really help you.

Why Not Go to an Online Butcher Shop?

There is a world of difference between a traditional butcher shop and an online butcher shop, with one of the biggest differences being the price. For the shopper looking for top quality at an affordable price, online butchering shops are the perfect solution. There is a massive range of online butcher stores across Australia, offering a whole host of different cuts of pork, from heritage to free-range selections to celebrity cuts, and everything in between. Best Health Meat Co. contains a piece of what you want for everyday cooking, and pricing is affordable: For those looking for top quality and delicious steaks, look at our range. The steaks we have on offer can be found on sale all year round, from January to December, and feature some of the finest cuts around. Our selection changes regularly from New York strip to skirt steak, as do the different cuts, so if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, simply log on and take a look! 

If you’re looking for something a little different, then this is the place for you. We look after Melbourne customers. Everything from skirt steak to tenderloin is available, and the quality of the meat sets the pricing. You may also notice a special section devoted to breakfast and desserts. With various offerings from our online butcher shop, you are unlikely to run out of options.  We are located in Essendon Victoria and you are always welcome to walk in or buy from us through our website.