Pork Panko Crumbs


Amazing pork rinds crushed into a delicious golden crumb.

Make the perfect schnitzels, nuggets or fish fingers with these tasty crumbs. Also known as palabok, pork crackle crumbs are perfect as a replacement for carb heavy bread crumbs. Crackle crumbs (or pork panko as it’s sometimes called) can be used to crumb chicken, fish, veal or just about anything! It can even be added to a salad for extra crunch, or eaten on it’s own for a great low carb, keto friendly snack.

The crumbs are:

  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • High in protein
  • Low in Carbs
  • No added flavours or MSG

Ingredients: Australian Pork Rind, Sea Salt, Corn Oil. GLUTEN FREE
Product of Australian

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